Maritime Education



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  2. Awareness on Services Rendered by the Office of Student Affairs to the Students of LIMA Campus: Inputs for Service by: Ritchie P. Dalangin & Billy Vergel Catibog (2015)
  3. Modified Basic Safety Training with Typhoon Awareness for Both Captains and Owners in Batangas Province; Response on Disaster Preparedness by: Annalie Pateña (2015)
  4. Factors Affecting the Choice of School and Degree Program among Freshman Maritime Students by: Carlos L. Aguado, Jake M. Laguador, Joseph Cezar L. Deligero (2015)
  5. Attitude of Marine Engineering Students on Some School-Related Factors and their Academic Performance in Electro Technology 1 and 2 by: Engr. Teresa E. Bacay and Dr. Conrado I. Dotong (2015)


  1. Stakeholder’s Feedback on the Newly Developed PEO and SO of BSMT & BSMARE in LIMA by: Dr. Bella Luz M. Dinglasan & Engr. Ronnie Masangcay (2014)
  2. Predictors of Performance in MSAP Examination: Basis for an Intervention Program by: Dr. Bella Luz Dinglasan and C/M Arnulfo Orence (2014)
  3. Impact of Community Cleaning and Coastal Clean-Up of LIMA: Basis for Enhancement by: Mrs. Vivian Perez (2013)
  4. Level of Awareness of LIMA Faculty to the OBE Approach by: Capt. Geronimo Dolor & Dr. Teresita Guico(2013)
  5. Survey on LIMA Faculty and Maritime Students Research Capability by: C/M Ruben Formeloza & Ms. Annalie Pateña (2013)
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  7. An Assessment of Problems and Needs of LIMA Faculty Members Regarding Student Discipline by: 2/M Ferdinand Alcantara & Dr. Jake Laguador (2011)
  8. Factors Affecting Turnover among the Maritime Faculty by: Mrs. Vivian Perez (2010)

1999 -2013

  1. Tracer Study of BS Marine Transportation Graduates of Lyceum of the Philippines University from 2007-2011 By: Dr. Jake M. Laguador and C/M Arnulfo Orence (2013)
  2. Tracer Study of BS Marine Transportation and BS Marine Engineering Graduates of LPU from 1997-2007 By: Engr. Jake Laguador & Mr. Olympio Garcia (2010)
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  4. The Status of Implementation of the Vessel Traffic Management System at the Batangas Baseport towards Enhancing the Vessel Traffic Services at the Batangas Bay By: Dr. Flora V. Javier & Capt. Carlos Aguado (2010)
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  6. Time Management and Teaching Performance among Marine and Engineering Faculty Members in LIMA: basis for an Intervention Plan By: Engr. Jake Laguador and 2/M Edwin Agena (2009)
  7. Utilization of Participatory Approaches Among the  Maritime Students of LPU: Extent of its Effects on the Teaching-Learning Process By: Dr. Leo Ramos Jr. and Dr. Agnes Ilagan (2009)
  8. An Assessment of English Proficiency Level of Maritime Students and Instructional Materials: Basis for Enhancement  By: Mrs. Jomari Navarro and Mrs. Zenaida Garbin (2008)
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  10. Study Habits and Academic Performance in English Plus of Freshmen Maritime Students of LB By: Dr. Precy Guerra (2007)
  11. Status and Prospect for the Sustainable Development of the Maritime Education Program of LB By: Dr. Rolando Lontoc Sr. (2007)
  12. Communication Competence of Maritime Students of Lyceum of Batangas: Basis for a Proposed Development Framework  By: Dr. Amador Lualhati & C/M Hermogenes Aguba (2006)
  13. A Proposed Five-Year Development Framework for LB- International Maritime Academy (2007 – 2012) By: Engr. Jake Laguador & 3/M Leoncio Mandigma (2006)
  14. The Responsiveness of the Lyceum of Batangas to the Demands of the STCW’ 95: An Assessment By: Mrs. Jomarie Navarro & C/M Hermogenes Aguba (2005)
  15. An Analysis of the Performance of the Port of Batangas Under Phase 1 of the Port Development Project By: Capt Carlos Aguado & Miss Ma. Jocelyn Jaucian (2004)
  16. Status, Compliance and Adherence to Quality Standards Among Maritime Institutions in the Philippines By: Dr. Flora V. Javier, Dr. Melchor Magramo (2004) 
  17. Existing Practices in the Prevention of Marine Pollution by Selected Industries along Batangas Bay as Perceived by their Employees By: Ms. Debbie Lualhati (1999)
  18. Waste Identification and Characterization of the Coastal Barangays of Batangas City By: Engr. Ronnie Masangcay (1999)


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