It find yourself departing on a journey to find them collectively with Hayato and you will Ayshe as his or her escorts

It find yourself departing on a journey to find them collectively with Hayato and you will Ayshe as his or her escorts

Promised Forest Arc

After leaking out Elegance Occupation together siblings, Gilda plus the anyone else been wanting place B06-thirty two with some help from one or two demons; Mujika and Sonju, which it learned a lot of things off. They later on learned it’s a low profile coverage regarding the desert. She starts living there for about a couple of years and match Mister. [7]

Try to find Minerva Arch

Gilda and you may Wear was trusted for taking of one’s younger children while Emma, Ray, and you may Mister leave on the stop by at Goldy Pool. Gilda expresses their care and attention with the her or him from time to time, and even threatens Mister you to she’d blow-up brand new protection if the he will not bring Beam and you may Emma straight back real time.

Cuvitidala Arc

Much more than simply a-year has passed, Gilda, and Don, Ray, Emma, Violet, and you can Zack infiltrated on the a devil town inside disguise shortly after its victory to locate the newest Wonderful Oceans together with temple while they walked from village to the guidelines regarding Protection B06-thirty two. It soon returned to the brand new security and reunited that have Mister, Lucas plus the someone else. [9]

Together with his members of the family, Gilda escapes the new Defense B06-thirty two just after it actually was raided from the Andrew and his crew, and later and you can mourns Lucas, Mister, in addition to other children whom shed their lives in the brand new assault.

On coming to brand new Heaven Hide-out and you can conference Norman, Gilda are seen to be thrilled. She later on will get a mission from the Norman to acquire Mujika and you may Sonju again as well as Don, however, both of them are suspicious regarding his true intents.


Of all of the orphans, Emma is the nearest to Gilda. Even with Gilda’s teamwork morals and you can booked character and you can Emma much more cavalier thoughts, the two see one another as near relatives irrespective of. Gilda will act as a great motherly/sisterly figure on Emma and you can significantly cares on her behalf better-being; whenever Emma risked this lady existence to save the fresh new orphans, Gilda pinpointed on her behalf recklessness and you may scolded the latter.

Norman and you can Ray

She sees Norman and you can Ray as brotherly figures and you may cares to own her or him considerably. Gilda keeps admiration in their eyes as well as their choices that will be pretty sure in of their efficiency.

Don and you can Gilda are shown to be as an alternative best friends and it is found that she actually is in a position to calm him down as he is actually angered or saddened. Both are viewed at the side of each other and is also revealed which they believe both significantly.

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