Allied Medical Professions




  1. Correlation of Academic Performance in Professional Courses and Board Examination Results from 2015-2017 among LPU-B Physical Therapy by Dr. Maria Simplicia E. Flores


  1. Self-perceived Psychological and Educational Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic among Allied Health Students by Dr. Liberty Rosales


  1. A Closer Look to the 5-year Performance Rate of Lyceum of the Philippines University in the Physical Therapist Licensure Examination (2013-2017) by Dr. Carina Magbojos
  2. Validation of Modified LPU-B Community Extension Program Impact Evaluation Tool: Basis for Persons With Disability-Specific Outcome Measure by Raymond Tosoc
  3. Self-Efficacy and Social Support of Pioneer K-to-12 Graduates in Allied Medical Programs of LPU-Batangas by Contreras, Marilou & Cabanela, Reby





  1. Competency Based Assessment of the Diploma in Phlebotomy Graduates: An Initial Evaluation by John Patrick B. Tadiosa
  2. Correlation of Standard Battery Test Results of Physical Therapy Students and their Academic Performance in Selected Professional Courses by Dr. Jake M. Laguador & Dr. Ma. Simplicia Flores
  3. Employability and Career Outcomes of LPU Physical Therapy Graduates (2011-2015): Basis for Curriculum Improvement by Marilou A. Contreras, Jasper James A. Moreno & Aderlina Abarintos


  1. Employability of Lyceum of the Philippines University – Batangas 2011-2015: Perspective of the Gaduates and their Employers by: Contreras, Marilou A. & Moreno, Jasper James A. (2017)

2004 – 2011

  1. Six – Month Internship Training Program for Medical Laboratory Science Education: An Initial Evaluation by: Valdez, Anacleta P. (2011)
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  5. Curriculum Model for Medical Technology: lessons from International Benchmarking by: Valdez, Anacleta P. (2008)
  6. The Incidence of Intestinal Parasitism Among Pupils of Wawa Elementary School Wawa, Batangas City: Basis for Community Extension Program by: Reyes, Redencion (2007)
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  8. Tracer Study of the Graduates of the College of Medical Technology, SY 1994-2004 by: Valdez, Anacleta P. (2007)
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  10. Analysis of Community Health Needs for the Establishment of a Community Based Rehabilitation Program in Brgy. Malitam, Batangas City by: Dela Cruz, Dysus (2004)

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