Maritime Education



1.Continuing Professional Education of the Maritime Instructors by Dr. Imelda An


  1. Conflict Resolution Approaches among Maritime Practitioners while on Board the ship: Basis for a conflict management program for seafarers by Arnulfo Orence and Dr. Reynalda Garcia
  3. Correlation of the Third Year Level Assessment Result & Performance in Marine Transportation Professional subjects by Dr. Beverly Caiga & 2M Edwin Agena


  1. Tracer Study of the Maritime Graduates of LPU-Batangas from 2012-2017 by Capt. Alexander Gonzales


  1. Basic Training Provides by LMTC: Basis for Program Improvement by: Beverly Caiga, Ferdinand C. Alcantara, and Leoncio B. Mandigma

2016 – 2017

  1. Proposed Laboratory Manual in Physics for Maritime Students by Maria Victoria M. Gonzales, Victorano P. Aranas, and Marlon M. Cometa


  1. The Effect of Class Suspension Alternatives as Disciplinary Action for Minor Student Offenses in LPU-Batangas: “Basis for Policy Enhancement” by: Reynold S. Beredo, Meldrick Arjay A. Magsino and Edwin Agena
  2. Awareness on Services Rendered by the Office of Student Affairs to the Students of LIMA Campus: Inputs for Service by: Ritchie P. Dalangin & Billy Vergel Catibog (2015)
  3. Modified Basic Safety Training with Typhoon Awareness for Both Captains and Owners in Batangas Province; Response on Disaster Preparedness by: Annalie Pateña (2015)
  4. Factors Affecting the Choice of School and Degree Program among Freshman Maritime Students by: Carlos L. Aguado, Jake M. Laguador, Joseph Cezar L. Deligero (2015)
  5. Attitude of Marine Engineering Students on Some School-Related Factors and their Academic Performance in Electro Technology 1 and 2 by: Engr. Teresa E. Bacay and Dr. Conrado I. Dotong (2015)


  1. Stakeholder’s Feedback on the Newly Developed PEO and SO of BSMT & BSMARE in LIMA by: Dr. Bella Luz M. Dinglasan & Engr. Ronnie Masangcay (2014)
  2. Predictors of Performance in MSAP Examination: Basis for an Intervention Program by: Dr. Bella Luz Dinglasan and C/M Arnulfo Orence (2014)
  3. Impact of Community Cleaning and Coastal Clean-Up of LIMA: Basis for Enhancement by: Mrs. Vivian Perez (2013)
  4. Level of Awareness of LIMA Faculty to the OBE Approach by: Capt. Geronimo Dolor & Dr. Teresita Guico(2013)
  5. Survey on LIMA Faculty and Maritime Students Research Capability by: C/M Ruben Formeloza & Ms. Annalie Pateña (2013)
  6. Needs Satisfaction of Maritime Students of LIMA: Basis for an Enhanced Guidance Program by: 2/M Luisito Salazar & Dr. Jake Laguador (2011)
  7. An Assessment of Problems and Needs of LIMA Faculty Members Regarding Student Discipline by: 2/M Ferdinand Alcantara & Dr. Jake Laguador (2011)
  8. Factors Affecting Turnover among the Maritime Faculty by: Mrs. Vivian Perez (2010)

1999 -2013

    1. Tracer Study of BS Marine Transportation Graduates of Lyceum of the Philippines University from 2007-2011 By: Dr. Jake M. Laguador and C/M Arnulfo Orence (2013)
    1. Tracer Study of BS Marine Transportation and BS Marine Engineering Graduates of LPU from 1997-2007 By: Engr. Jake Laguador & Mr. Olympio Garcia (2010)
    1. Lyceum International Maritime Academy: Responding to the Needs of the Maritime Industry: A Qualitative Research By: Dr. Leo R. Ramos Jr. & Dr. Norma L. Meñez (2010)
    1. The Status of Implementation of the Vessel Traffic Management System at the Batangas Baseport towards Enhancing the Vessel Traffic Services at the Batangas Bay By: Dr. Flora V. Javier & Capt. Carlos Aguado (2010)
    1. The Profile Aspirations, Value Orientation and Problems of Marine Students at LIMA: Bases for Enhancement of LIMA Student Service Program By: Engr. Jake Laguador and 2/M Ferdinand Alcantara (2009)
    1. Time Management and Teaching Performance among Marine and Engineering Faculty Members in LIMA: basis for an Intervention Plan By: Engr. Jake Laguador and 2/M Edwin Agena (2009)
    1. Utilization of Participatory Approaches Among the  Maritime Students of LPU: Extent of its Effects on the Teaching-Learning Process By: Dr. Leo Ramos Jr. and Dr. Agnes Ilagan (2009)
    1. An Assessment of English Proficiency Level of Maritime Students and Instructional Materials: Basis for Enhancement  By: Mrs. Jomari Navarro and Mrs. Zenaida Garbin (2008)
    1. The Academic Performance of Marine Transportation and Marine Engineering Students at Lyceum of Batangas SY 2006-2007: Basis for an Enhanced Faculty Development Program By: C/M Hermogenes Aguba & Engr. Jake Laguador (2007)
    1. Study Habits and Academic Performance in English Plus of Freshmen Maritime Students of LB By: Dr. Precy Guerra (2007)
    1. Status and Prospect for the Sustainable Development of the Maritime Education Program of LB By: Dr. Rolando Lontoc Sr. (2007)
    1. Communication Competence of Maritime Students of Lyceum of Batangas: Basis for a Proposed Development Framework  By: Dr. Amador Lualhati & C/M Hermogenes Aguba (2006)
    1. A Proposed Five-Year Development Framework for LB- International Maritime Academy (2007 – 2012) By: Engr. Jake Laguador & 3/M Leoncio Mandigma (2006)
    1. The Responsiveness of the Lyceum of Batangas to the Demands of the STCW’ 95: An Assessment By: Mrs. Jomarie Navarro & C/M Hermogenes Aguba (2005)
    1. An Analysis of the Performance of the Port of Batangas Under Phase 1 of the Port Development Project By: Capt Carlos Aguado & Miss Ma. Jocelyn Jaucian (2004)
    1. Status, Compliance and Adherence to Quality Standards Among Maritime Institutions in the Philippines By: Dr. Flora V. Javier, Dr. Melchor Magramo (2004) 
    1. Existing Practices in the Prevention of Marine Pollution by Selected Industries along Batangas Bay as Perceived by their Employees By: Ms. Debbie Lualhati (1999)
  1. Waste Identification and Characterization of the Coastal Barangays of Batangas City By: Engr. Ronnie Masangcay (1999)

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