Business Administration



  1. Research Productivity & Motivational Factor of the College of Business Administration Faculty by Maria Joanna Manongsong
  2. Academic, Social and Emotional Preparedness of First Year Students Pursuing Accountancy, Business and Management Track in Lyceum of the Philippines University-Batangas by Remedios P. Maganaye
  4. Effect of Leader Motivating Language on work Performance and Job Satisfaction by: Dr. Maribeth Buenviaje
  5. Effectiveness of Human Resource Information Systems in LPU-B by: Dr. Luisa Macatangay & Dr. Maribeth Buenviaje 2016 – 2017
  1. Leader Motivating Language on Work Performance and Job Satisfaction of the Faculty Members from a Private University in the Philippines By: Dr. Maribeth G. Buenviaje & Dr. Jake M. Laguador(2017)
  2. Employability of BS Business and Computer Management Graduates from 2013 to 2015 in one Academic Institution in the Philippines By: Rey Fernan G. Refozar, Janice E. Velasquez, Erica Jean Luistro
  3. Employers Feedback and Employability of Engineering Graduates from 2013 to 2015: Basis for a proposed student Development Program by Dr. Jake M. Laguador (50%), Ms. Nemy Chavez (25%), & Dr. Nester Camello (25%)

2013 – 2014

  1. Employability of BS Business Administration of LPU-Batangas (2005-2010) By: Dr. Maribeth G. Buenviaje & Dr. Alex P. Ylagan (2013)
  2. Employability of BS Accountancy of Lyceum of the Philippines University Batangas (2003-2008) By: Mr. Rey Fernan G. Refozar & Mr. Jiexel L. Manongsong (2013)
  3. Employability of Business and Computer Management Graduates 2003-2008By: Dr. Galicano V. del Mundo (2014)

2000 – 2012

    1. Lyceum of the Philippines University Customs Education: Basis for Strategic Marketing Plan By: Dr. Arnold N. Ditan (2012)
    2. Performance of Region IV Accountancy Cluster Schools in 2011 CPA Mock Board Examination: Basis of enhanced Intervention Program By: Dr. Galicano V. Del Mundo (2011)
    3. The Causal Variables in Determining Relational Outcomes: An Industry Analysis By: Mr. Elbert Bryan Vidal (2010)
    4. Academe-Industry Linkage of the Lyceum of the Philippines University By: Dr. Remedios P. Magnaye (2009)
    5. Tracer Study of the Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration Graduates of Lyceum of Batangas from School Year 2001-2005: basis for Enhancement of the Curriculum and Quality of College Services By: Mrs. Gloria Manongsong Regalario (2009)
    6. Success Factors of Business Graduates of Lyceum of the Philippines-Batangas: Its Implications to Curriculum Functionality By: Dr. Dante Lubis (2009)
    7. Socio-Economic and Employment Status of Filipino Migrants in Australia: Implications to Philippine College Education By: Dr. Galicano Del Mundo (2009)
    8. A Marketing Task Analysis for the Lyceum of the Philippines-Batangas: Basis for the Development of a Strategic Marketing Plan By: Mr. Elbert Bryan Vidal (2008)
    9. Tracer Study of the Bachelor of Science in Commerce Graduates of LPU-B from 2001 to 2005 By: Dr. Maribeth Gualberto and Dr. Alex Ylagan (2008)
    10. Performance of the LPU-Batangas in the Customs Brokers Licensure Examination (CBLE): An Assessment By: Dr. Arnold Ditan (2008)
    11. Job Requirements of Selected Industries in Batangas: Implications to the Pre-Employment Program of the CBAM, LB By: Dr. Galicano Del Mundo (2007)
    12. Viability of Micro-Financing of the CBAM Toward Sustainable Development of its Community Extension Service Program By: Dr. Amador Lualhati & Mr. Rogelio Ceradoy (2007)
    13. Intensifying the OJT Program of the College of Business Administration, Lyceum of Batangas By: Ylagan, A. P. (2013)
    14. Teaching Competencies and Attitude of Teachers Towards Accounting Board-Related Subjects in HEIs in Batangas City By: Mr. Chester Dhon Rosales (2007)
    15. Tracer Study of the BS Accountancy Graduates of LB: Basis for Curriculum Enrichment By: Dr. Maritess Dimayuga & Mrs. Josefina Lagman (2007)
    16. The Accounting Teachers of Batangas: Their Profile, Competencies & Problems By: Dr. Galicano Del Mundo  & Mr. Rey Fernan Refozar (2006)
    17. Entrepreneurial Characteristics of LB Business Students: Implication for Curriculum Enrichment By: Dr. Remedios Magnaye (2006)
    18. A Survey of Businesses & Industries Integrated with the Batangas Port Development Project By: Dr. Teodulfo Macaraig (2004)
    19. Impact of Local & Foreign Investments in Batangas to Enrollment in Business Courses and  to the Employability of Business Graduates of LB  By: Mr. Dante Lubis (2000)
    20. Evaluation of the Performance of LB in the Certified Public Accountant Licensure Examinations By: Mr. Simeon Sawamoto (2000)

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