Computer Studies




  1. On-the-Job-Training and Academic Performance of Computer Science Students in One Academic Institution in the Philippines: A Correlation by Maria Crisitna Ramos
  2. Student Outcomes Assessment: An Evaluation Tool to Gauge Levels of Attainment of Computer Science Students by Maria Crisitna Ramos
  3. Assessment of Students’ Acquired Affective Learning from Involvement in Community Extension Activities by Maria Crisitna Ramos
  4. A Correlation between Entrance Exam Scores (Stanine) & Programming Ability of Computer Science Students by Maria Crisitna Ramos
  5. A Graduate Tracer to Enhance Effectiveness of the Computer Science Program Curricula by Maria Crisitna Ramos
  6. Mathematical Ability and Computer Programming Ability: A Correlation by Maria Crisitna Ramos


  1. Graduates of Lyceum of the Philippines University – Batangas” Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Program (Batch 2011-2015): A Tracer Study by Maria Crisitna Ramos
  2. A Feasibility Study on Offering Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with Specialized Tracks in Mobile Application Development and Game Development at lyceum of the Philippines University-Batangas by Maria Christina Ramos
  3. Feasibility Study in offering specialization in BSIT program by Irene Balmes
  4. Blended Learning Approaches in LPU-B: Students’ Experience and their Relation to Student Outcomes by Mrs. Melody Dimaano
  5. Enhancement of the Students’ Learning Process in Advanced Multimedia Systems through Gamification by Maria Juliet Saldua


  2. Correlations between Entrance Exam Scores and Academic Performance Following admission of BSCS Students by: Maria Cristina Ramos
  3. Tracer Study of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Graduates of Lyceum of the Philippines University – Batangas 2011 – 2012 By: Engr. Joel A. Dolot(2019)


  1. Sobel-Edge Detection Algorithm in Mobile Application for Detecting Fake Money by Roselie Alday


  1. Correlation of Mathematical Ability and Programming Ability of the Computer Science Students
    Author: Irene L. Balmes


  1. 1. Online Day to Day Monitoring System for Lyceum of the Philippines University – Batangas
    by: Irene L. Balmes
  2. e-Map as An Android Application Using Shortest Path Algorithm
    by: Roselie B. Alday, Joshua A. Carcillar, Karen R. Hernandez, Romnick M. Mamisay, Lester Paul B. Rabano, Shiena G. Matibag


  1. Automated Absenteeism and Tardiness Monitoring System of LPU: Basis for an Effective Guidance and Counseling Program
    By: Mrs. Maria Cristina Ramos


  1. Online Practicum Monitoring System For Lyceum of The Philippines University – Batangas Campus
    Authors: Janice E. Velasquez & Jacqueline V. Vengco


  1. Automated Office Supplies Requisition and Inventory System’s development: A Step towards Institutional Progress By: Noemi Almarez (2013)
  2. Tracer Study for Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from 2002-2007 By: Mrs. Luisa Macatangay (2013)
  3. To Be or Not to Be: E-Teaching in the Graduate School in the Philippine Perspective By: Ms. Roselie Alday and Ms. Ma. Maureen R. Pascual (2012)
  4. Online Practicum Monitoring System of the LPU Campus By: Ms. Janice Velasquez and Ms. Jacqueline Vengco (2014)
  5. Automated Laboratory Inventory System for CIHM By: Ms. Noemi Almarez and Ms. Rhealyn Umali (2010)
  6. Online Hotel Reservation and Management System for the College of International Hospitality and Management (CIHM) By: Ms. Glenda Acorda and Ms. Mischelle Esguerra (2013)
  7. An Automated Faculty Clearance for the Lyceum of the Philippines University By: Mr. Wally Boy Casuga and Mr. Alex Madlangbayan (2010)
  8. My LyceumAdvise: Online Subject Advising System of LPU By: Ms. Evelyn Red (2011)
  9. Student Performance and Satisfaction with the CISCO Academy Networking Program (Computer Networking) Basis for a Proposed Pedagogical Action in Blended Learning By: Ms. Evelyn Red (2011)
  10. A Classroom Allocation System (CAS) of the LPU By: Ms. Elizabeth Gutierrez and Mrs. Luisa Macatangay (2009)
  11. Design and Development of an Online Exam Maker and Checker for LPU Batangas City By: Mrs. Cristina Ramos and Mrs. Janice Velasquez (2013)
  12. Reducing Math Anxiety of CCS Students Through E-Learning in Analytic Geometry By: Mrs. Roselie Alday and Mrs. Alona Panaligan (2013)
  13. Online Thesis Browser of Lyceum of the Philippines University By: Mrs. Luisa Macatangay (2009)
  14. My Lyceum TechLearn – A Learning Management System for LPU Batangas: An instructional Aid for Teachers By: Mrs. Roselie Alday and Mr. Charnell Hernandez (2008)
  15. Tracer Study of the BS Computer Science Graduates of LB 2001 – 2004: Basis for Curriculum Review By: Mrs. Roselie Alday & Mrs. Noemi Almarez (2007)
  16. Student Modeling in Intelligent Tutoring Systems as Assessment of Student Performance Using Bayesian Networks By: Mrs. Roselie Alday (2007)

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