Computer Studies




  1. Feasibility Study in offering specialization in BSIT program by Irene Balmes


  2. Correlations between Entrance Exam Scores and Academic Performance Following admission of BSCS Students by: Maria Cristina Ramos
  3. Tracer Study of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Graduates of Lyceum of the Philippines University – Batangas 2011 – 2012 By: Engr. Joel A. Dolot(2019)


  1. Sobel-Edge Detection Algorithm in Mobile Application for Detecting Fake Money by Roselie Alday
  2. Blended Learning Approaches in LPU-B: Students’ Experience and their Relation to Student Outcomes by: Mrs. Melody Dimaano
  3. Enhancement of the Students’ Learning Process in Advanced Multimedia Systems through Gamification by: Maria Juliet Saldua


  1. Correlation of Mathematical Ability and Programming Ability of the Computer Science Students
    Author: Irene L. Balmes


  1. 1. Online Day to Day Monitoring System for Lyceum of the Philippines University – Batangas
    by: Irene L. Balmes
  2. e-Map as An Android Application Using Shortest Path Algorithm
    by: Roselie B. Alday, Joshua A. Carcillar, Karen R. Hernandez, Romnick M. Mamisay, Lester Paul B. Rabano, Shiena G. Matibag


  1. Automated Absenteeism and Tardiness Monitoring System of LPU: Basis for an Effective Guidance and Counseling Program
    By: Mrs. Maria Cristina Ramos


  1. Online Practicum Monitoring System For Lyceum of The Philippines University – Batangas Campus
    Authors: Janice E. Velasquez & Jacqueline V. Vengco


  1. Automated Office Supplies Requisition and Inventory System’s development: A Step towards Institutional Progress By: Noemi Almarez (2013)
  2. Tracer Study for Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from 2002-2007 By: Mrs. Luisa Macatangay (2013)
  3. To Be or Not to Be: E-Teaching in the Graduate School in the Philippine Perspective By: Ms. Roselie Alday and Ms. Ma. Maureen R. Pascual (2012)
  4. Online Practicum Monitoring System of the LPU Campus By: Ms. Janice Velasquez and Ms. Jacqueline Vengco (2014)
  5. Automated Laboratory Inventory System for CIHM By: Ms. Noemi Almarez and Ms. Rhealyn Umali (2010)
  6. Online Hotel Reservation and Management System for the College of International Hospitality and Management (CIHM) By: Ms. Glenda Acorda and Ms. Mischelle Esguerra (2013)
  7. An Automated Faculty Clearance for the Lyceum of the Philippines University By: Mr. Wally Boy Casuga and Mr. Alex Madlangbayan (2010)
  8. My LyceumAdvise: Online Subject Advising System of LPU By: Ms. Evelyn Red (2011)
  9. Student Performance and Satisfaction with the CISCO Academy Networking Program (Computer Networking) Basis for a Proposed Pedagogical Action in Blended Learning By: Ms. Evelyn Red (2011)
  10. A Classroom Allocation System (CAS) of the LPU By: Ms. Elizabeth Gutierrez and Mrs. Luisa Macatangay (2009)
  11. Design and Development of an Online Exam Maker and Checker for LPU Batangas City By: Mrs. Cristina Ramos and Mrs. Janice Velasquez (2013)
  12. Reducing Math Anxiety of CCS Students Through E-Learning in Analytic Geometry By: Mrs. Roselie Alday and Mrs. Alona Panaligan (2013)
  13. Online Thesis Browser of Lyceum of the Philippines University By: Mrs. Luisa Macatangay (2009)
  14. My Lyceum TechLearn – A Learning Management System for LPU Batangas: An instructional Aid for Teachers By: Mrs. Roselie Alday and Mr. Charnell Hernandez (2008)
  15. Tracer Study of the BS Computer Science Graduates of LB 2001 – 2004: Basis for Curriculum Review By: Mrs. Roselie Alday & Mrs. Noemi Almarez (2007)
  16. Student Modeling in Intelligent Tutoring Systems as Assessment of Student Performance Using Bayesian Networks By: Mrs. Roselie Alday (2007)

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