1. Correlational Study on the Internship and Academic Performance of Criminology Students of Lyceum of the Philippines University-Batangas by Dr. Annalie Pateña & Dr. Merwina Lou Bautista
  2. Risk Management Implementation of Selected HEIS in Calabarzon by Dr. Annalie Pateña


  1. Community Needs Assesment of Barangay Alangilan: Basis for Plan of Action By: Dr. Norma L. Meñez and Dr. Evangeline Mendoza (2020)


  1. The states’ Agent Abuse Human rights againts Female Inmates detained at the Batangas City Jail for Drug Abuse 
  2. The Threats of Transnational Crimes in Batangas Province: Basis for Action Plan By: Dr. Zosimo C. Bolaños, JD (2018)


  1. Work Engagement among Employees of Lyceum of Philippines University – Batangas by: Dr. Merwina Lou Bautista and Dr. Norma Meñez 


  1. Survey on Research Capability among CRIM Faculty by: Ms. Ma. Joanna Gomez and Ms. Charito Panaligan 

2003 – 2010

  1. Risk Probability, Asset Vulnerability and Security Practices of Lyceum of the Philippines University in Batangas: Basis for Improved Safety Program By: Mrs. Merwina Lou A. Bautista and Mrs. Rowena E. Mojares (2010)
  2. Hazards of Police Profession and the Extent of Their Impact on Police Operational Effectiveness: basis for Proposed Program to Reduce or Avoid Hazards By: Dr. Zosimo Bolaños  (2009)
  3. Socio-Demographic Variables and Motivation Among Criminology Students: Basis for Viability of the Criminology Program By: Ms. Ederlina Baral (2008)
  4. Disciplinary Offenses and Intervention Measures Among the PNP Members in CALABARZON : basis of a Proposed Program to Enhance Professionalism By: Dr. Zosimo Bolaños (2008)
  5. Tracer Study of the College of Criminology: basis for Enhancement of Curriculum and Program Innovations By: Dr. Zosimo Bolaños (2008)
  6. Police Strategies to Win the People in the Battle Against Communist Terrorist Movement in Batangas Province By: Dr. Zosimo Bolaños (2007)
  7. The Police Crime Prevention Strategies Implemented by the PNP in Batangas Province: 2005 By: Mr. Jeffery Arrieta (2006)
  8. The Impact of Anti-Criminality Campaign of the PNP in the Provinces of Batangas & Laguna By: Dr. Zosimo Bolaños (2006)
  9. The Proposed Policy Guidelines & Procedures Against Sexual Harassment Acts (R.A. 7877) Among Students of Lyceum of Batangas By: Dr. Zosimo Bolaños (2005)
  10. The Extent of the Substance Abuse & Drug Trafficking Problems in Batangas Province 2003-2004 By: Dr. Zosimo Bolaños (2004)
  11. Analysis of Correlates of Crime Incidence in Batangas Province By: Dr. Zosimo Bolaños (2003)

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