Tourism & Hospitality Management




  1. Summative Assessment on Student Outcomes for Tourism Program 2013-2017 by Noela Borbon and Marivict Ricafort
  2. Impact Assessment of the Livelihood Project to the Beneficiary of SHL Restoration Village by Dr. Noelah Mae Borbon & Dr. Alex Ylagan
  3. An Assessment on the Green Practices of Event Management Enterprise by Dr. Jeninah Pulhin
  4. Impact Assessment on SKIL Graduates – Sanayang Kabuhayang Industriyal Program by Dr. Noelah Mae Borbon
  5. Impact of Climate Change to the Resorts and attractions in Batangas Province by: Dr. Sevillia Felicen


  1. Needs Assessment in Taysan: Basis for Sustainable Tourism Community Extension Program by: Dr. Noelah Mae Borbon
  2. Food Safety Practices of Food Establishments : Basis for Policy Enhancement by:Melinda Villena-Tolentino & Noelah Mae D. Borbon
  3. Impact Assessment on the Beneficiaries of the Sanayang Kabuhayang Industriyal Program by: Dr. Noelah Mae Borbon
  4. Evaluation on Disaster Preparedness among Resort Employees in Coastal Area situated in Batangas, Philippines by: Dr. Noelah Mae Borbon


  1. Disaster Preparedness of Selected Resorts in Batangas City by: Noelah Mae Borbon
  2. Entrepreneurial readiness among Hospitality and Tourism Students of a Private University in the Philippines by: Jeninah Pulhin
  3. Empirical Analysis of Work-life Balance on Women Employees: A Study with Reference to Fast Food Industry by: Dr. Jeninah Christia Borbon Pulhin
  4. Tracer Study fo BSIHM graduates from 2013-2016 by: Dr. Sevilla Felicen
  5. Tracer Study fo BSITTM graduates from 2013-2016 by: Dr. Sevilla Felicen


  1. The Hospitality Management Curriculum of ASEAN Member States by: Dr. Sevillia S. Felicen & Dr. Alex P. Ylagan
  2. Impact of Climate Change to the Tourism Business in Batangas Province: An Analysis by: Sevillia Felicen

2016 – 2017

  1. Community Based Tourism as Livelihood Program Mount Banoi by: Dr. Sevillia S. Felicen
  2. Impact of Community Extension Projects of Lyceum of the Philippines University – Batangas to SHL Resporation Village: An Assessment by: Mrs. Evangeline Ontiveros – Mendoza & Dr. Alex P. Ylagan 

2015 – 2016

  1. Impact of Tour Guiding to the Beneficiaries of Brgy. Wawa as Tourism Community Extension Program by: Dr. Sevillia S. Felicen, Mrs. Michelle Karen B. Baruc & Mrs. Kabaitan B. Dinglasan 
  2. Employers’ Feedback on the Job Performance of Tourism Graduates by:Dr. Sevillia S. Felicen & Ms. Marivic V. Ricafort

2014 – 2015

  1. Assessment of Computer Reservation System among Travel Agencies in Batangas (06-06-14) by: Dr. Sevilla S. Felicen & Dr. Alex P. Ylagan
  2. Graduates Employability: A tracer Study of BSHRM Major in Cruise Line Management 2006-2010 by: Dr. Sevilla S. Felicen & Mrs. Rhea Corina Mejia

2013 – 2014

  1. The Compliance of College of International Tourism & Hospitality Management on 5’s Program of LPU-Batangas by: Dr. Francis K. Ashipaoloye & Dr. Norma L. Meñez
  2. Best Practices of Lyceum University Dusit Thani Tie-Up by: Ms. Rhea Corina Mejia
  3. Assessment of Interns Performance: Basis for Improved Internship Program By: Mrs. Sevilla Felicen, Ms. Lhea Rasa & Mr. Jourell Edward Sumanga
  4. Factors Affecting the Performance of 1st Year CITHM Students on Hospitality Professional Courses for School Year 201-2013 by: Ms. Jeninah Borbon, Mrs. Jovita Borbon and Ms. Maria Angeline de Claro
  5. Impacts of HRM Livelihood Program to the Beneficiaries of Brgy. Wawa: An Assessment by: Mrs. Sevilla S. Felicen & Mrs. Evangeline O. Mendoza
  6. Student Performance of F&B Services Course and Internship Performance in F& B Department of Hotel & Restaurant: A Correlation Study by: Mrs. Sevilla S. Felicen & Mrs. Abigail Manzano
  7. A Correlation Study Between Student Performance on Travel and Tour Operations Course w/CRS and Internship Performance on Travel Agency by: Mrs. Sevilla S. Felicen & Dr. Alex P. Ylagan

2013 – 2014

  1. Graduates Employability: A Tracer Study for Bachelor of Science in Tourism 2006 – 2009 By: Mrs. Sevilla Felicen & Rhea Corina Mejia(2013)

2005 – 2012

  1. Computer Reservation System as a Feature of Business Operation of Travel Agencies By: Ms. Sevilla Felicen and Ms. Angelie Vizconde (2012)
  2. Employability of College of International Hospitality Management Graduates (BSHRM 2005 – 2009): A Tracer Study By: Dr. Mark Irvin Celis (2011)
  3. Singapore Experience of the HRM and Tourism Students of Lyceum of the Philippines University in the Context of Cross Cultural Orientation Initiatives By: Dr. Mark Irvin Celis and Mrs. Sevilla Felicen (2010)
  4. Competency-Based Curriculum Enrichment of HRM Education in the Context of Asian Hospitality Business Experiences By: Dr. Dexter Buted (2010)
  5. A Survey of the Batangas Province Tourism Industry: Basis for Improved Tourism Program By: Mrs. Sevilla Felicen and Ms. Angelie Marie Vizconde (2010)
  6. Tourist Attraction Business in the CALABARZON Region: Basis for Strategic Planning By: Dr. Mark Irvin Celis (2010)
  7. The Performance of the HRM and Tourism Students of the Student Internship Abroad Program (SIAP): An Assessment By: Engr. Lilian Silang (2009)
  8. The International Job Requirements for Tourism Graduates of the LPU By: Dr. Mark Irvin Celis and Ms. Aiza Magno (2009)
  9. Proposed Sustainable Development Interventions of LB Tourism Education By: Dr. Dexter Buted (2008)
  10. Tracer Study of the Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management Graduates of LP-B from 2001-2005 By: Dr. Alex Ylagan & Mrs. Fe Meñez (2008)
  11. Tracer Study of the BS Tourism Graduates of LB from 2001 – 2005: Basis for Curriculum Review By: Mrs. Sevilla Felicen & Mr. Mark Irvin Celis (2007)
  12. Teaching Competencies of Faculty Members of the CIHM: Basis for Faculty Development Training Program By: Ms. Faith Bulanhagui & Mrs. Rhea Corina Mejia (2006)
  13. Promotional Strategies of Accredited Travel Agencies in Batangas City By: Ms. Faith Bulanhagui (2005)
  14. Operational Task and Marketing Strategies of Catering Business Establishments in Batangas City By: Mrs. Jovita Borbon (2005)
  15. The International Practicum Training Program of LB By: Dr. Dexter Buted (2005)
  16. Relevance of HRM Curriculum: Basis for Enhancing the HRM Program of Lyceum of Batangas By: Dr. Dexter Buted & Dr. Norma Meñez (2005)
  17. Tourism Development in Region IV: Prospects and Opportunities for Tourism Graduates if Lyceum of Batangas By: Dr. Ma. Rosario Tamayo & Mr. Mark Irvin Celis (2005)

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