Tourism & Hospitality Management




  1. Determinants of Consumer Intention to Use Self-Ordering Kiosk in Fast-Food Chains by  Dr. Sevilla Felicen and Ms. Kristine Manlapaz
  2. Host Companies Feedback on the Virtual Internship performance of International Travel and Tourism Management Students by Dr. Sevilla S. Felicen, Dr. Kathleen Cueto and Dr. Maria Fe Menez
  3. Impact of Virtual Internship to the International  Hospitality Management Students by Dr. Sevilla S. Felicen, Ms. Rowena Falaria and Dr. Jeninah Christia B. Pulhin


  1. Digital Tools for Teaching and Learning for Hospitality and Tourism Education by Mr. Jerry Ceballos, Dr. Sevilla Felicen and Dr. Ryan L. Mejia
  2. Student Outcomes for Hotel and Restaurant Administration (HRA) of Academic Year 2014-2018 by Dr. Sevilla Felicen and Mr. Jerry L. Ceballos
  3. Assessment of student Outcomes for Bachelor of Science in International hospitality Management Specialized in Cruise Line Operations in Hotel Services for the Year 2014-2018 by Dr. Sevilla S. Felicen, Ms. Krsitine Mangundayao and Dr. Ryan L. Mejia
  4. Student Outcomes of Tourism Program 2014-2018 by Dr. Noelah Mae Borbon and Dr. Marivic Ricafort
  5. Support of Government and Hotels Toward a workforce in the Time of Pandemic in the Case of Batangas Province by Ms. Noelah Mae Borbon, Ms. Stephanie Landicho and Ms. Marivic Ricafort
  6. Effectiveness of Virtual Internship among Travel and Tourism Management Students by Dr. Rhea Corina B. Mejia, Ms. Angelita Maraquilla and Dr. Sevilla s. Felicen


  1. Teaching and Learning Performance based on the Online Learning Approach using MyLPU by Dr. Jennie Margaret Apritado, Noelah Mae Borbon & Mary Angelica Marasigan
  2. University Food Service Influencing Customer Dining Choice by Dr. Sevilla Fellicen 
  3. Effectiveness of the Implementation of Outcomes Based Education (OBE) in the College of International Hospitality Management by Dr. Sevilla Fellicen
  5. Competitiveness of Hospitality Management Students in Local and International Competitions by Dr. Noela Mae Borbon
  6. Host Companies Feedback on US Work and Travel Cultural Exchange Program Participants by Sevilla Felicen
  7. Summative Assessment on Student Outcomes for Tourism Program 2013-2017 by Noela Borbon and Marivict Ricafort
  8. Impact Assessment of the Livelihood Project to the Beneficiary of SHL Restoration Village by Dr. Noelah Mae Borbon & Dr. Alex Ylagan
  9. An Assessment on the Green Practices of Event Management Enterprise by Dr. Jeninah Pulhin
  10. Impact of Climate Change to the Resorts and attractions in Batangas Province by: Dr. Sevillia Felicen


  1. Impact Assessment on SKIL Graduates – Sanayang Kabuhayang Industriyal Program by Dr. Noelah Mae Borbon
  2. Needs Assessment in Taysan: Basis for Sustainable Tourism Community Extension Program by: Dr. Noelah Mae Borbon
  3. Food Safety Practices of Food Establishments : Basis for Policy Enhancement by:Melinda Villena-Tolentino & Noelah Mae D. Borbon
  4. Impact Assessment on the Beneficiaries of the Sanayang Kabuhayang Industriyal Program by: Dr. Noelah Mae Borbon
  5. Evaluation on Disaster Preparedness among Resort Employees in Coastal Area situated in Batangas, Philippines by: Dr. Noelah Mae Borbon


  1. Disaster Preparedness of Selected Resorts in Batangas City by: Noelah Mae Borbon
  2. Entrepreneurial readiness among Hospitality and Tourism Students of a Private University in the Philippines by: Jeninah Pulhin
  3. Empirical Analysis of Work-life Balance on Women Employees: A Study with Reference to Fast Food Industry by: Dr. Jeninah Christia Borbon Pulhin
  4. Tracer Study fo BSIHM graduates from 2013-2016 by: Dr. Sevilla Felicen
  5. Tracer Study fo BSITTM graduates from 2013-2016 by: Dr. Sevilla Felicen


  1. The Hospitality Management Curriculum of ASEAN Member States by: Dr. Sevillia S. Felicen & Dr. Alex P. Ylagan
  2. Impact of Climate Change to the Tourism Business in Batangas Province: An Analysis by: Sevillia Felicen

2016 – 2017

  1. Community Based Tourism as Livelihood Program Mount Banoi by: Dr. Sevillia S. Felicen
  2. Impact of Community Extension Projects of Lyceum of the Philippines University – Batangas to SHL Resporation Village: An Assessment by: Mrs. Evangeline Ontiveros – Mendoza & Dr. Alex P. Ylagan 

2015 – 2016

  1. Impact of Tour Guiding to the Beneficiaries of Brgy. Wawa as Tourism Community Extension Program by: Dr. Sevillia S. Felicen, Mrs. Michelle Karen B. Baruc & Mrs. Kabaitan B. Dinglasan 
  2. Employers’ Feedback on the Job Performance of Tourism Graduates by:Dr. Sevillia S. Felicen & Ms. Marivic V. Ricafort

2014 – 2015

  1. Assessment of Computer Reservation System among Travel Agencies in Batangas (06-06-14) by: Dr. Sevilla S. Felicen & Dr. Alex P. Ylagan
  2. Graduates Employability: A tracer Study of BSHRM Major in Cruise Line Management 2006-2010 by: Dr. Sevilla S. Felicen & Mrs. Rhea Corina Mejia

2013 – 2014

  1. The Compliance of College of International Tourism & Hospitality Management on 5’s Program of LPU-Batangas by: Dr. Francis K. Ashipaoloye & Dr. Norma L. Meñez
  2. Best Practices of Lyceum University Dusit Thani Tie-Up by: Ms. Rhea Corina Mejia
  3. Assessment of Interns Performance: Basis for Improved Internship Program By: Mrs. Sevilla Felicen, Ms. Lhea Rasa & Mr. Jourell Edward Sumanga
  4. Factors Affecting the Performance of 1st Year CITHM Students on Hospitality Professional Courses for School Year 201-2013 by: Ms. Jeninah Borbon, Mrs. Jovita Borbon and Ms. Maria Angeline de Claro
  5. Impacts of HRM Livelihood Program to the Beneficiaries of Brgy. Wawa: An Assessment by: Mrs. Sevilla S. Felicen & Mrs. Evangeline O. Mendoza
  6. Student Performance of F&B Services Course and Internship Performance in F& B Department of Hotel & Restaurant: A Correlation Study by: Mrs. Sevilla S. Felicen & Mrs. Abigail Manzano
  7. A Correlation Study Between Student Performance on Travel and Tour Operations Course w/CRS and Internship Performance on Travel Agency by: Mrs. Sevilla S. Felicen & Dr. Alex P. Ylagan

2013 – 2014

  1. Graduates Employability: A Tracer Study for Bachelor of Science in Tourism 2006 – 2009 By: Mrs. Sevilla Felicen & Rhea Corina Mejia(2013)

2005 – 2012

  1. Computer Reservation System as a Feature of Business Operation of Travel Agencies By: Ms. Sevilla Felicen and Ms. Angelie Vizconde (2012)
  2. Employability of College of International Hospitality Management Graduates (BSHRM 2005 – 2009): A Tracer Study By: Dr. Mark Irvin Celis (2011)
  3. Singapore Experience of the HRM and Tourism Students of Lyceum of the Philippines University in the Context of Cross Cultural Orientation Initiatives By: Dr. Mark Irvin Celis and Mrs. Sevilla Felicen (2010)
  4. Competency-Based Curriculum Enrichment of HRM Education in the Context of Asian Hospitality Business Experiences By: Dr. Dexter Buted (2010)
  5. A Survey of the Batangas Province Tourism Industry: Basis for Improved Tourism Program By: Mrs. Sevilla Felicen and Ms. Angelie Marie Vizconde (2010)
  6. Tourist Attraction Business in the CALABARZON Region: Basis for Strategic Planning By: Dr. Mark Irvin Celis (2010)
  7. The Performance of the HRM and Tourism Students of the Student Internship Abroad Program (SIAP): An Assessment By: Engr. Lilian Silang (2009)
  8. The International Job Requirements for Tourism Graduates of the LPU By: Dr. Mark Irvin Celis and Ms. Aiza Magno (2009)
  9. Proposed Sustainable Development Interventions of LB Tourism Education By: Dr. Dexter Buted (2008)
  10. Tracer Study of the Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management Graduates of LP-B from 2001-2005 By: Dr. Alex Ylagan & Mrs. Fe Meñez (2008)
  11. Tracer Study of the BS Tourism Graduates of LB from 2001 – 2005: Basis for Curriculum Review By: Mrs. Sevilla Felicen & Mr. Mark Irvin Celis (2007)
  12. Teaching Competencies of Faculty Members of the CIHM: Basis for Faculty Development Training Program By: Ms. Faith Bulanhagui & Mrs. Rhea Corina Mejia (2006)
  13. Promotional Strategies of Accredited Travel Agencies in Batangas City By: Ms. Faith Bulanhagui (2005)
  14. Operational Task and Marketing Strategies of Catering Business Establishments in Batangas City By: Mrs. Jovita Borbon (2005)
  15. The International Practicum Training Program of LB By: Dr. Dexter Buted (2005)
  16. Relevance of HRM Curriculum: Basis for Enhancing the HRM Program of Lyceum of Batangas By: Dr. Dexter Buted & Dr. Norma Meñez (2005)
  17. Tourism Development in Region IV: Prospects and Opportunities for Tourism Graduates if Lyceum of Batangas By: Dr. Ma. Rosario Tamayo & Mr. Mark Irvin Celis (2005)

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