2020 – 2021

  1. Challenges of Filipino Nurses towards International Integration by Dr. Leonila Adarlo
  2. Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension among Pregnant Women in Batangas City by Ms Analita Bergado & Dr. Bella Magnaye
  3. Experiences of Patients with Pulmonary Tuberculosis: Input to Healthcare Strategies and Programs by Bella Magnaye
  4. Impact of Social Media to the Health Status of Children & Adolescents by Bella Magnaye
  5. Instructional Competencies of Nursing Faculty in Batangas Province: Input to a Proposed Faculty Development by Bella Magnaye
  7. Traumatic Events and its Effect among Emergency Medical Service Provider: Basis for Post Traumatic Debriefing Action Plan by Mario Marasigan
  8. Lifetyle and Perceived Effects of Obesity among Obese Adolescents and Adults Batanguenos by Marciel Magboo and Mrs. Janet Gui
  9. Lifestyle Practices among Hypertensive Patients by Pedrosa Bautista & Faye Michelle Tatlonghari


  1. Correlation Study Between Teaching & Learning Activities and Competency Exam by Dr. Ramona Caraan
  3. Spirit of Volunteerism among Nursing Students: Basis for Enhanced Community Extension Activities by Dr. Ramona Caraan 
  4. Employment and Employers’ Assessment of Nursing Graduates in one Private Higher Education Institution from 2014-2017 By: Dr. Cecile Pring & Ms. Myla Plata
  5. Implementation of Reproductive Health Services in Batangas City by Analita Bergado & Dr. Bella Magnaye


  1. Prevalence and Risk Factors of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in Batangas Province by Dr. Dr. Bella Magnaye
  2. Labor Migration among Batangueño Families Dr. Ramona Caraan


  1. Tracer Study & Employers Feedback by: Cecilia Pring & Myla Plata
  2. Competencies and Leadership Skills for Acute and Critical Care Nursing Practice: Basis for Wholistic Management Skills Training Model By Dr. Mario Marasigan
  3. Disaster Preparedness of Lyceum of the Philippines University By: Dr. Jocelyn Natividad
  4. Simulation and the Development of Clinical Judgment among Allied Health Students by: Dr. Bella Magnaye (2018)


  1. Preparedness of LPU towards Disaster by Jocelyn NatividadJocelyn Natividad


  1. Career Preferences of Nursing Students and New Nurse Graduates of Lyceum of the Philippines University by: Dr. Myra C. Britiller (2014) 
  2. Moral Competence of Nursing Students of LPU: Implication to Nursing Practice by: Mr. Mario R. Marasigan (2014) 
  3. Aptitude Test & Academic Performance as Predictors to Nurse Licensure Examination by: Dr. Cecile Pring & Mrs. Ma. Jocelyn Natividad (2014)
  4. Tracer Study of the Graduates of the College of Nursing from 2008-2011: Basis for Enhancement of Program and Services by: Dr. Cecilia Pring (2014) 
  5. Learning Abilities for Asthmatic Nursing Students of LPU by: Mischelle Cantos (2011)

SY 2013-2014

  1. Palliative Care Rendered by Clinical Nurses: Basis for Proposed Program Development By: Maximina Blanco & Ma. Sheila Clanor (2013)


  1. Normative Structure of the Clinical Learning Environment: Indicator of Caring Competency Among Nursing Students By: Amelia B. Garcia & Myriam R. Du (2013)
  2. Teacher’s Time Management and Student’s Academic Achievement in LPU College of Nursing By: Mr. Ruben L. De Guzman & Mrs. Imelda A. Guy (2012)
  3. The Use of Quality Nursing Care Plan as a Tool Towards Effective Patient: A Assessment By: Mrs. Maria Luisa Javier and Mrs. Ramona Caraan (2012)
  4. HIV/AIDS and Sexual Risk Factor Behaviors among Homosexuals in Batangas City: Basis for Community Extension Program  By: Dr. Bella P. Magnaye (2012)
  5. Leadership and Self-Efficacy Towards Mission Accomplishment among the Nursing Faculty of the Lyceum of the Philippines University By: Mrs. Miriam Du (2011)
  6. The Volunteer Phenomenon of Nurses in the Philippines: Perspectives from Hospital Administrators and Nurse Volunteers in Southern Tagalog Region By: Mrs. Cecilia Pring and Ms. Irene Roco (2011)
  7. Epidemiological Study of Smoking among Female College Students in Batangas City By: Mrs. Cecilia Pring and Mr. Jing Jay Bautista (2010)
  8. Coping Strategies Used to manage the Identified Needs and problems of Student Nurses in the Emergency Room By: Dr. Annabelle Iturralde, Mrs. Julieta Celemin and Mrs. Marieta Maranan (2009)
  9. Determinants of Job Satisfaction among Nursing Faculty of LPU By: Mrs. Pedrosa Bautista, Mrs. Mayona Magtibay & Ms. Daryll Garcia (2009)
  10. Job Performance of MA and Non-MA Nursing Faculty: A Comparative Study By: Mrs. Bella Magnaye, Ms. Arlene Perez and Ms. Maria Jocelyn Natividad  (2009)
  11. Enhancing the Nursing Education Program for Employment in International Labor Market: The Filipino Experience in Singapore By: Dr. Norma Meñez (2009)
  12. Profile, Teaching Competence and Perceived Values of Clinical Instructors of LPU By: Ms. Aimee Amponin, Ms. Cherry Amor Maala, and Ms. Dominga Villano (2009)
  13. The Relationship of some Demographic Factors to Human Formation among Nursing Students of LPU By: Ms. Gloria Ramirez, Ms. Maria Jocelyn Natividad and Ms. Yolyn Rivera (2009)
  14. Performance of the LPU in the Nursing  Licensure Examination SY 2003 – 2007 By: Dr.. Cecilia Pring and Dr. . Myra Britiller (2009)
  15. Awareness & Utilization of Health Services by Caregivers of Patients with Maladaptive Behavior in the Batangas Province By: Dr. Cecilia Pring and Dr. Bella Magnaye (2009)
  16. Creativity in Teaching Nursing Students of LPU By: Dr. Bella Magnaye, Ms. Nerriet Lozada & Ms. Jhoanna Calayan (2009)
  17. Nursing Care Management of Lyceum Senior Nursing Students to Post Operative Patients By: Dr. Irene Roco (2008)
  18. Emotional Quotient and the teaching Performance of LB By: Mrs. Ofel Atienza & Mrs. Leonila Adarlo (2008)
  19. The Nursing Potential of Lyceum nursing Sophomores: basis for the Curriculum Development of the College of Nursing by: Mrs. Myra Britiller, Mrs. Maria Sheila Clanor & Ms. Sophia Catibog (2008)
  20. Tracer Study of the Graduates of College of Nursing from 2000 – 2005 By: Dr. Cecilia Pring and Mrs. Editha Romales (2008)
  21. Academic Profile and Personality Characteristics of the Nursing Students of LB By: Dr. Bella P. Magnaye and Mrs. Amelia Garcia (2008)
  22. Needs Analysis of Lyceum 2nd Year Students in Learning English as a Second Language By: Miss Maria Theresa Javier (2007)
  23. Management Skills Development in Clinical Practice of Nursing Students of LB (Commissioned Research) By: Dr. Amador Lualhati (2007)
  24. Social & Ecology-Based Study toward Effective Community Health Nursing Instruction of LPU By: Dr. Reynalda B. Garcia (2007)
  25. Performance Evaluation of Nursing Process in Selected Government Hospitals in Batangas: Basis for a Proposed Performance Enhancement Program By: Mrs. Juanita Casao, Ms. Suzette Florentino & Sophia Catibog (2007)
  26. Perceived Teachers’ Classroom Behaviors and Students’ Academic Achievement in the Nursing & Maritime Programs of LB By: Dr. Flora Javier (2007)
  27. Profile and Teaching Competence of the Faculty Members of the College of Nursing, LB By: Ms. Aimee Amponin, Mrs. Ofel Atienza & Mrs. Bella Magnaye (2006)
  28. Level of Competencies in the Clinical Practice Among 4th Year Nursing Students By: Mrs. Cecilia Pring & Miss Myra Britiller (2006)
  29. Correlates of the Performance of Lyceum of Batangas in the Nursing Licensure Examinations By: Mr. Marcos Ochoa (2004)

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