2020 – 2021

  1. Correlation Study Between Teaching & Learning Activities and Competency Exam by Dr. Ramona Caraan
  2. Spirit of Volunteerism among Nursing Students: Basis for Enhanced Community Extension Activities by Dr. Ramona Caraan


  1. Employment and Employers’ Assessment of Nursing Graduates in one Private Higher Education Institution from 2014-2017 By: Dr. Cecile Pring & Ms. Myla Plata
  2. Implementation of Reproductive Health Services in Batangas City by Analita Bergado & Dr. Bella Magnaye


  1. Labor Migration among Batangueño Families Dr. Ramona Caraan


  1. Tracer Study & Employers Feedback by: Cecilia Pring & Myla Plata
  2. Competencies and Leadership Skills for Acute and Critical Care Nursing Practice: Basis for Wholistic Management Skills Training Model By Dr. Mario Marasigan
  3. Disaster Preparedness of Lyceum of the Philippines University By: Dr. Jocelyn Natividad
  4. Simulation and the Development of Clinical Judgment among Allied Health Students by: Dr. Bella Magnaye (2018)


  1. Career Preferences of Nursing Students and New Nurse Graduates of Lyceum of the Philippines University by: Dr. Myra C. Britiller (2014) 
  2. Moral Competence of Nursing Students of LPU: Implication to Nursing Practice by: Mr. Mario R. Marasigan (2014) 
  3. Aptitude Test & Academic Performance as Predictors to Nurse Licensure Examination by: Dr. Cecile Pring & Mrs. Ma. Jocelyn Natividad (2014)
  4. Tracer Study of the Graduates of the College of Nursing from 2008-2011: Basis for Enhancement of Program and Services by: Dr. Cecilia Pring (2014) 
  5. Learning Abilities for Asthmatic Nursing Students of LPU by: Mischelle Cantos (2011)

SY 2013-2014

  1. Palliative Care Rendered by Clinical Nurses: Basis for Proposed Program Development By: Maximina Blanco & Ma. Sheila Clanor (2013)


  1. Normative Structure of the Clinical Learning Environment: Indicator of Caring Competency Among Nursing Students By: Amelia B. Garcia & Myriam R. Du (2013)
  2. Teacher’s Time Management and Student’s Academic Achievement in LPU College of Nursing By: Mr. Ruben L. De Guzman & Mrs. Imelda A. Guy (2012)
  3. The Use of Quality Nursing Care Plan as a Tool Towards Effective Patient: A Assessment By: Mrs. Maria Luisa Javier and Mrs. Ramona Caraan (2012)
  4. HIV/AIDS and Sexual Risk Factor Behaviors among Homosexuals in Batangas City: Basis for Community Extension Program  By: Dr. Bella P. Magnaye (2012)
  5. Leadership and Self-Efficacy Towards Mission Accomplishment among the Nursing Faculty of the Lyceum of the Philippines University By: Mrs. Miriam Du (2011)
  6. The Volunteer Phenomenon of Nurses in the Philippines: Perspectives from Hospital Administrators and Nurse Volunteers in Southern Tagalog Region By: Mrs. Cecilia Pring and Ms. Irene Roco (2011)
  7. Epidemiological Study of Smoking among Female College Students in Batangas City By: Mrs. Cecilia Pring and Mr. Jing Jay Bautista (2010)
  8. Coping Strategies Used to manage the Identified Needs and problems of Student Nurses in the Emergency Room By: Dr. Annabelle Iturralde, Mrs. Julieta Celemin and Mrs. Marieta Maranan (2009)
  9. Determinants of Job Satisfaction among Nursing Faculty of LPU By: Mrs. Pedrosa Bautista, Mrs. Mayona Magtibay & Ms. Daryll Garcia (2009)
  10. Job Performance of MA and Non-MA Nursing Faculty: A Comparative Study By: Mrs. Bella Magnaye, Ms. Arlene Perez and Ms. Maria Jocelyn Natividad  (2009)
  11. Enhancing the Nursing Education Program for Employment in International Labor Market: The Filipino Experience in Singapore By: Dr. Norma Meñez (2009)
  12. Profile, Teaching Competence and Perceived Values of Clinical Instructors of LPU By: Ms. Aimee Amponin, Ms. Cherry Amor Maala, and Ms. Dominga Villano (2009)
  13. The Relationship of some Demographic Factors to Human Formation among Nursing Students of LPU By: Ms. Gloria Ramirez, Ms. Maria Jocelyn Natividad and Ms. Yolyn Rivera (2009)
  14. Performance of the LPU in the Nursing  Licensure Examination SY 2003 – 2007 By: Dr.. Cecilia Pring and Dr. . Myra Britiller (2009)
  15. Awareness & Utilization of Health Services by Caregivers of Patients with Maladaptive Behavior in the Batangas Province By: Dr. Cecilia Pring and Dr. Bella Magnaye (2009)
  16. Creativity in Teaching Nursing Students of LPU By: Dr. Bella Magnaye, Ms. Nerriet Lozada & Ms. Jhoanna Calayan (2009)
  17. Nursing Care Management of Lyceum Senior Nursing Students to Post Operative Patients By: Dr. Irene Roco (2008)
  18. Emotional Quotient and the teaching Performance of LB By: Mrs. Ofel Atienza & Mrs. Leonila Adarlo (2008)
  19. The Nursing Potential of Lyceum nursing Sophomores: basis for the Curriculum Development of the College of Nursing by: Mrs. Myra Britiller, Mrs. Maria Sheila Clanor & Ms. Sophia Catibog (2008)
  20. Tracer Study of the Graduates of College of Nursing from 2000 – 2005 By: Dr. Cecilia Pring and Mrs. Editha Romales (2008)
  21. Academic Profile and Personality Characteristics of the Nursing Students of LB By: Dr. Bella P. Magnaye and Mrs. Amelia Garcia (2008)
  22. Needs Analysis of Lyceum 2nd Year Students in Learning English as a Second Language By: Miss Maria Theresa Javier (2007)
  23. Management Skills Development in Clinical Practice of Nursing Students of LB (Commissioned Research) By: Dr. Amador Lualhati (2007)
  24. Social & Ecology-Based Study toward Effective Community Health Nursing Instruction of LPU By: Dr. Reynalda B. Garcia (2007)
  25. Performance Evaluation of Nursing Process in Selected Government Hospitals in Batangas: Basis for a Proposed Performance Enhancement Program By: Mrs. Juanita Casao, Ms. Suzette Florentino & Sophia Catibog (2007)
  26. Perceived Teachers’ Classroom Behaviors and Students’ Academic Achievement in the Nursing & Maritime Programs of LB By: Dr. Flora Javier (2007)
  27. Profile and Teaching Competence of the Faculty Members of the College of Nursing, LB By: Ms. Aimee Amponin, Mrs. Ofel Atienza & Mrs. Bella Magnaye (2006)
  28. Level of Competencies in the Clinical Practice Among 4th Year Nursing Students By: Mrs. Cecilia Pring & Miss Myra Britiller (2006)
  29. Correlates of the Performance of Lyceum of Batangas in the Nursing Licensure Examinations By: Mr. Marcos Ochoa (2004)

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