1. Assessment of Knowledge and Attitude of Dentistry Students in Teledentistry in Dental Education by Dr. Jennifer D. Maderazo
  2. Motives of Dentistry Students for Gift-giving by Dr. Jennifer D. Maderazo

2022 – 2023

  1. Student Outcome Assessment on Dentistry Program for 2014-2019 by Dr. Jennifer Maderazo & Dr. Nina Fatimah Borbon 
  2. Self Perceived Impact of COVID 19 Pandemic by Allied Health Students in LPU Batangas by Dr. Liberty Rosales
  3. Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Ergonomics among Dental Clinician in a Philippine Private University by Dr. Nina Fatimah D. Borbon

2021 – 2022

  1. Employability of Denstisty Graduates 2013-2018 by Dr. Nina Fatimah Borbon & Ms. Eufemia Amatus
  2. Skills Development Assessment of Dentistry Students in the Online Clinical Dentistry by Dr. Jennifer Maderazo, Dr. Alvin Del Mundo, Dr. Kathleen Mae Macapas & Dr. Gresha Elina Amul


  1. Dentistry Faculty Members’ Research Competencies and Attitude towards Research Engagement


  1. A Proposed Health and Wellness Program For LPU Teaching and Non-teaching Personnel 


  1. Tracer Study of Dentistry Graduates of Lyceum of the Philippines University 2008-2012 by: Dr. Jennifer Maderazo & Mrs. Eufemia Amatus
  2. Stress and Academic Performance of Dental Clinicians of Lyceum of the Philippines University Dentistry Students by: Dr. Jennifer Maderazo& Venus Hernandez

2000 – 2013

  1. Predicting Anxiety among Patients in LPU Clinical Dispensary during Dental Treatment towards Student’s Clinical Performance Enhancement By: Dr. Maribel Barrion (2013)Dental anxiety is very common in dental procedures. Anxiety can come from many different sources. Most of the time, patients become anxious during tooth extraction and other dental procedures that needs needle injection of anesthetic solution. Patients also differ in degree of anxiety. The study used the descriptive research design with the combination of content analysis of documents and related materials. The research questions, methods, and appropriate statistical design for this study are: ANOVA, t-test, Pearson’s r correlation and descriptive statistics will be used to answer the research questions.Majority of the respondents belonged to age range of 14-18 years old range whereas for gender or sex, majority who avail of the clinic’s services are males. This is because women are more afraid than men in terms of dental problems. Further, younger people are more afraid than older ones.
    The weighted mean distribution of the level of anxiety showed that the level of anxiety of patients varies on moderately to not anxious. Feeling or experiencing pain during dental treatment ranked first followed by the fear or worry of not working the proposed treatment and thirdly, the dentist is in a hurry while treating also made the patients moderately anxious.Overall, the level of anxiety of patients got a weighted mean of 0.67 with the verbal interpretation of “moderately anxious”. The level of anxiety of patients varies on “moderately” to “not anxious.” Feeling or experiencing pain during dental treatment ranked first followed by the fear or worry of not working the proposed treatment and dentist is in a hurry while treating were the top 3 answers that made the patients “moderately anxious”.The causes of dental anxiety during dental treatment vary mainly on slightly anxious having a composite mean of 0.97. Among the causes given, probing to asses gum disease, dislike the numb feeling and injection were the top three causes of dental anxiety.Only type of patient shows significant difference since the obtained p-value of 0.006 is less than 0.05 level of significance, thus the null hypothesis of no significant difference on the level of anxiety when grouped according to profile variables (type of patient) is rejected. This means that the level of anxiety of both phobic and not phobic differs.The researcher proposed to LPU management to conduct effective communication and assessment training program, stress management course, cognitive-behavior skill training, and time and life management course to all students. It is also highly recommended that clinicians should take the comprehensive and qualifying exam to assess their preparedness in handling clinical cases and problems.Keywords: Anxiety, Clinical Dispensary, Dental Treatment, Students’ Clinical Performance [/showhide]
  2. Perceived Stress Levels and Sources of Stress Among Dentistry Students of Lyceum of the Philippines University: Methods and Effectiveness of Managing Stress by College Students By: Dr. Maribel Barrion (2011)
  3. A Tracer Study of the Graduates of College of Dentistry of LPU, SY 1990-2007: Basis for Improvement of the Dental Education Program By: Dr. Liberty Rosales and Dr. Laarni Reyes (2010)
  4. An Assessment of Infection Control Measures among Selected Allied Medical Student in Clinical Setting from the 2 Provincial Campuses of LPU: Implication to Health Education By: Dr. Jennifer Maderazo and Dr. Maribel Barrion (2010)
  5. Essential Oils and Crude Extracts Isolated from Artemisia Vulgaris Linn of Philippine Origin: Its Antibacterial Activity By: Dr. Jennifer Maderazo (2010)
  6. Microbial Isolation from the Dental Dispensary of the Lyceum of the Philippines University – Batangas: Basis for Better Infection Control Measures By: Dr. Evalene Ann Perez (2009)
  7. Impact of Dental Programs of the Lyceum of Batangas on the Oral Health Status of the Selected Pupils of Lingap Pangarap ng mga Paslit, Inc. By: Dr. Jennifer Dotado-Maderazo & Dr. Ma. Concepcion Garcia (2007)
  8. Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the 4-year Dental Treatment of the Community Dentistry Class on Selected Students of Batangas City East Elem. School, 1999-2000 By: Dr. Jennifer Dotado-Maderazo (2000)

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