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2020 – 2021

  2. Impact Study on Literacy & Reading Program among Pupils of SHL restoration Village: Basis for Enhancement of the Community Extension Program for Education by Dr. Arnie Villena & Ms. Romana Mauhay


  1. Mass Communication Students’ Challenges in the Stages of Film production 
    by: Genie Mae R. Bihis, Dawn Arbie F. Cleofe, Abigail Eiden M. Viñas, Beverly Caiga (PhD)
  2. Compliance of Households to Responsible TV Viewing from one City in the Philippines 
    by: Pauline L. Almero, Kimberly M. Julio, Vanessa D. Palicpic, Dr. Beverly T. Caiga
  3. Production Evaluation of “Pippin On Stage” Played in one Private Higher Education in the Philippines 
    by: Princess Dianne C. Becina, Ricaflor C Mores, Dr. Beverly T. Caiga
  4. Social and Moral Dimensions of Selected Online Video Mobile Applications to Students
    by: Grhenlie D. Ilagan and Dr. Beverly T. Caiga


  1. Trainees Feedback on Industry Partners: Basis for an enhanced OJT Performance
    by: Dr. Imelda L. An & Romana Celeste Mauhay
  2. Academic Performance and Learning Styles of Liberal Arts Students in Physical Science
    by: Dr. Maria Victoria M. Gonzales, Dr. Paz B. Reyes
  3. Impact assessment of the community extension programs of ab mass communication and paralegal studies towards community development 
    by: Emma E. Montalbo
  4. Tracer Study of Teacher Education Graduates of Lyceum of the Philippines University-Batangas 2008-2012


  1. Performance of the Students in the Departmental Examination for Science Subjects for SY: 2010-2013 by: Mrs. AniciaCalingasan and Ms. Angelina Tolentino (2014)


  1. Academic Performance and Learning Styles of Liberal Arts Students in Physical Science by:Dr. Maria Victoria M. Gonzales & Dr. Paz B. Reyes (2000)
  2. Family Outmigration in Isla Verde, Batangas City  
    by: Dr. Ricky Realingo(2015)
  3. Knowledge, Commitment and Readiness of the Lyceum of the University, Batangas to OBE 
    by: Mr.Epitacio P. Abela(2015)
  4. Personality & Values of Sitio Ferry Residents: Its Implications to the Community Extension Service of Lyceum of Batangas by: Dr. Norma Meñez & Miss Miriam Grace Aquino (2000)
  5. Community Needs of Sitio Ferry, Kumintang Ibaba, Batangas City: Basis for the Development of an Action Plan for the Community Extension Service of LB by: Dr. Edgar Bautista (2002)
  6. Impact of Primetime Television Programs on the Adolescents of Sitio Ferry by: Dr. Norma Meñez & Dr. Flora V. Javier (2002)
  7. Assessment of First Gas Power Corporation (FGPC) Community Relations Program in Brgy. Sta Rita Karsada and Sta. Rita Aplaya, Batangas City ( Commissioned Research) by: Dr. Reynalda Garcia, Dr. Edgar Bautista & Dr. Virginia Baes (2003)
  8. Strategies Employed by G.E. Faculty in Teaching Communication Arts Subjects by: Mrs. Amada Banaag & Dr. Reynalda B. Garcia (2004)
  9. Level of Proficiencies of CAS Faculty: Basis for Advancing the Faculty Development Program  by:Dr. Ronilo Jayag & Dr. Edgar Bautista (2004)
  10. Conflict Resolution Approaches Among Teaching & Non-Teaching Employees of LB  by: Dr. Ronilo Jayag & Dr. Reynalda B. Garcia (2006)
  11. The Community Extension Program of Lyceum of Batangas by: Mrs. Lerma Agtay and Dr. Imelda An (2007)
  12. Creative Qualities and Contingency Management Styles of the Faculty of LPU: Basis for Active Teaching Program By: Dr. Agnes Ilagan (2007)
  13. Articulating Vision-Based Core Values of Liberal Education of the Lyceum of Batangas By: Dr. Amador Lualhati & Atty. Nestor Gajete (2007)
  14. Capability Building Toward Effective Media Communication of LB Students By: Dr. Amador Lualhati & Mrs. Cynthia Martinez (2007)
  15. Value Perceptions of the LB GNED Faculty & Freshmen: Basis for Values Integration in Teaching GNED Subjects By: Dr. Reynalda Garcia (2007)
  16. Practices & Problems in Teaching World Literature at Lyceum of Batangas By: Dr. Lourdes Panaligan (2007)
  17. Ang Araling Filipino sa General Education Kurikulum ng Lyceum of Batangas: Pagsusuri sa Nilalaman ng Kurso By: Dr. Norma Meñez (2007)
  18. Study Habits and Academic Performance in English Plus of Freshman Maritime Students of LPU By: Mrs. Precy Guerra (2007)
  19. The Lyceum of Batangas Marketing Strategies: Basis for an Enhanced Marketing Plan By: Mr. Carlo Peña & Mrs. Mylen Palay (2008)
  20. Tracer Study of the Graduates of the College of Arts and Sciences of the LPU-B, SY 2000-2005: Basis for Quality Service Enhancement By: Dr. Ronilo Jayag (2008)
  21. Emotional Intelligence Assessment Toward a Proposed Enhancement Program for the LP-B Faculty By: Dr. Teresita Guico and Dr. Lida Landicho (2008)
  22. The Lyceum of Batangas 1966-2006 an Institutional History By: Mr. Arnie Christian Villena (2008)
  23. The Reading Proficiency of Level of First Year College Students of LPU-B: Basis of a Proposed Remedial Program By: Dr. Agnes B. Ilagan and Mrs. Vivian Perez (2009)
  24.  Attitudes and Perception of the Lyceum Community Toward English as a Language: Basis for an Improved Implementation of Just English Please (JEP) Policy By: Dr. Amada G. Banaag (2009)
  25. Extraction and Isolation of the Alkaloids from the Samanea Saman (Acacia) Barks: its Antiseptic Potential By: Ms. Angelina Tolentino and Ms. Ma. Victoria Gonzales (2009)
  26. English Proficiency of Non-Paramedic Freshman Students of LPU-B: Basis for the Development of an English Enrichment Program By: Ms. Eleanor Magadia and Mrs. Cristina Malimban (2009)
  27. Attitudes and Achievement in Mathematics of Freshman Students of LPU: basis for an Enhanced Mathematics Program By: Mrs. Aida Castillo (2009)
  28. Personal and Interpersonal Values of Junior Students Across the Disciplines: Basis for Values Development Program By: Dr. Marian De Mesa and Mrs. Amelia Bay (2009)
  29. Batangas Literature Reflecting Unique Batangueño Traits: Bridge to Cultural Development By: Dr. Reynalda B. Garcia and Dr. Imelda An  (2010)
  30. Women in Politics and Governance in the Province of Batangas By: Dr. Ma. Rosario Tamayo (2010)
  31. Solid Waste Management Practices in Selected Communities of Batangas City By: Mrs. Paz B. Reyes and Ms. Mabelle V. Furto (2010)
  32. Student Organizations of the Lyceum of the Philippines University: Assessing their Performance Towards the Attainment of the Institutional Goals By: Dr. Reynalda B. Garcia & Mr. Bernad E. Bay (2010)
  33. Employability of College of Education Arts and Sciences Graduates (2005-2009): A Tracer Study By: Dr. Amada G. Banaag and Dr. Norma L. Meñez (2011)
  34. Assessment of Teacher Feedback: Basis for Communication Strategy Enhancement By: Ma. Theresa V. Javier (2011)
  35. Mabini, Laurel and Recto: A Synthesis of Batangueño Philosophical Thoughts in Concrescential Hermeneutic Approach By: Alfred James A. Ellar (2011)
  36. The Proliferation of Street Children in Batangas City: A Case Study By: Mr. Francis Kayode Ashipaoloye (2011)
  37. Teacher’s Instructional Performance and Academic Achievement: A Correlational Analysis By: Dr. Flora V. Javier (2011)
  38.  Level of Participation of CALABARZON College Teachers in School Matters as Affected by their Attitudes Towards Community Involvement By: Mrs. Elna Lopez and Ms. Emma Montalbo (2012)

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