2003 – 2010

  1. Risk Probability, Asset Vulnerability and Security Practices of Lyceum of the Philippines University in Batangas: Basis for Improved Safety Program By: Mrs. Merwina Lou A. Bautista and Mrs. Rowena E. Mojares (2010)
  2. Hazards of Police Profession and the Extent of Their Impact on Police Operational Effectiveness: basis for Proposed Program to Reduce or Avoid Hazards By: Dr. Zosimo Bolaños  (2009)
  3. Socio-Demographic Variables and Motivation Among Criminology Students: Basis for Viability of the Criminology Program By: Ms. Ederlina Baral (2008)
  4. Disciplinary Offenses and Intervention Measures Among the PNP Members in CALABARZON : basis of a Proposed Program to Enhance Professionalism By: Dr. Zosimo Bolaños (2008)
  5. Tracer Study of the College of Criminology: basis for Enhancement of Curriculum and Program Innovations By: Dr. Zosimo Bolaños (2008)
  6. Police Strategies to Win the People in the Battle Against Communist Terrorist Movement in Batangas Province By: Dr. Zosimo Bolaños (2007)
  7. The Police Crime Prevention Strategies Implemented by the PNP in Batangas Province: 2005 By: Mr. Jeffery Arrieta (2006)
  8. The Impact of Anti-Criminality Campaign of the PNP in the Provinces of Batangas & Laguna By: Dr. Zosimo Bolaños (2006)
  9. The Proposed Policy Guidelines & Procedures Against Sexual Harassment Acts (R.A. 7877) Among Students of Lyceum of Batangas By: Dr. Zosimo Bolaños (2005)
  10. The Extent of the Substance Abuse & Drug Trafficking Problems in Batangas Province 2003-2004 By: Dr. Zosimo Bolaños (2004)
  11. Analysis of Correlates of Crime Incidence in Batangas Province By: Dr. Zosimo Bolaños (2003)

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