Graduate School


2005 – 2011

  1. Stakeholders’ View on a Customer Friendly Environment Program: Input to Quality Service By: Dr. Jake M. Laguador, Dr. Hadge A. Encio & Mr. Joseph Cezar L. Deligero (2016) 
  2. Interventions to Improve the Quality of Life of the Badjaos In Batangas City By:  Ma. Rosario B. Tamayo, DPA & Imelda L. An, PhD (2016)
  3. Organizational Culture and Levels of Motivation among the Employees of the City Government of Batangas and Lipa: A Comparative Analysis By: Dr. Francis Kayode Ashipaoloye (2011)
  4. Reinventing the MBA Program of Lyceum of the Philippines University toward Quality Business Leadership By: Dr. Dexter Buted (2010)
  5. Proposed Eclectic Model for a More Humane and Responsive Community Extension Program for Philippine Tertiary Educational Institutions By: Dr. Reynalda Garcia, Dr. Norma Meñez and Dr. Teresita Guico (2010)
  6. Organizational Spirituality and People Management Practices of Banks in Batangas City: Basis for Proposed Management Effectiveness  By: Dr. Esmenia R. Javier (2010)
  7. Status of the Implementation of QMS ISO 9001:2000 Standards at LPU-B By: Dr. Esmenia R. Javier (2009)
  8. The Organizational Effectiveness of Lyceum of the Philippines University Using the Malcolm Baldridge Model By: Dr. Flora V. Javier (2009)
  9. Training Needs of LPU Employees for Academic Years 2006-2009. Basis of an Enhanced Faculty and Staff Development Program By: Dr. Flora V. Javier (2009)
  10. Faculty Performance Evaluation System of Lyceum of Batangas: A Critique By: Dr. Flora V. Javier (2008)
  11. Status of the Master in Business Administration Program in Batangas City: Toward Building a Development Framework By: Dr. Remedios Magnaye (2008)
  12. A Paradigm Shift in Trend and Direction of Graduate School Business Research of the LB By: Dr. Amador Lualhati (2008)
  13. Tracer Study of the Lyceum of Batangas Graduate School Alumni: An Analysis Towards the Graduate School Sustainable Development By: Dr. Reynalda B. Garcia & Dr. Norma Meñez (2008)
  14. Organizational Spirituality and Leadership Commitment: Approaches to Management Effectiveness at Lyceum of Batangas By: Dr. Esmenia Javier (2007)
  15. Spirituality, Stress and Teaching Performance of Faculty Members of LB By: Dr. Esmenia R. Javier (2005)
  16. The Status and Competitive Posture of LB : Basis for Strategic Directions Towards the University Status By: Dr. Flora V. Javier (2005)
  17. Analysis of the Organizational Effectiveness of the PNP in Lipa City By: Dr. Teodulfo Macaraig (2005)

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