To pursue the university’s commitment to quality, the Center for Research and Innovation of the Lyceum of the Philippines University, has become the vital instrument in achieving the mission – vision of the university through institutionalizing research and strengthening the research culture and capability.

The center aims to institutionalize research by doing the following functions: a) implement a sustainable research program for the institution as specified in the five year development plan; b) continuously serve as the central coordinating body which regulates, supervises, controls, evaluates and monitors the school’s researches and recommends for dissemination and utilization; c) provide training and exposure for development to enhance research capability of school researchers; d) facilitate linkages with other institutions and find means to improve research capability, productivity, dis­semination and utilization of research outputs; e) provide statistical services for student and faculty researchers.

The Center for Research and Innovation therefore supervises the colleges and work units to carry out their research functions as mandated by the Commission on Higher Education and in support to the attainment of the university’s vision of being a recog­nized university in the Asia-Pacific Region by year 2022.

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