The STETH Vol. 14, 2020

  1. In-vitro matrix metalloproteinase-9 inhibitory activity of alkaloids from Antigonon leptopus leaves (Polygonaceae)
    Authors: Mon Carlo B. Dalanon, Jhune Jerleen B. Catibog, Reendell M. De Leon, Carlo A. Garcia, Jherelyn D. Kasilag, Roi Martin B. Pajimna, Oliver Shane R. Dumaoal, Aaron Dell A. Cobeng, Omar A. Villalobos
  2. In vitro anti-diabetic activity of Crescentia cujete (Calabash tree) leaves through alpha-amylase inhibition assay and glucose uptake by yeast cell
    Authors: Jannah Elmira B. Ronquillo, Mary Grace Aro, Reyann Joyce P. Herrera, Mercedella I. Lat, Mark Kennette H. Ramos, Carina R. Magbojos-Magtibay, and John Patrick B. Tadiosa
  3. In vitro antioxidant and DNA damage inhibition activity of ethanolic extract of Araucaria heterophylla (Salisb.) Franco (Norfolk Island pine)
    Authors: Camille Anne M. Manalo, Jane Arne P. Arguelles, Ezralaine M. Bendaña, Aloysius Francisco M. Comia,
    Meg Ryan B. Ribao and Oliver Shane R. Dumaoal
  4. Synthesis of zinc oxide nanocomposite films and its antibacterial activity against ESBL-producing bacteria
    Angelica Marie P. Castillo*, Michael Angelo P. Aclan, Kristine Mae E. Agrao, Janine Ginete, Lady Anne R. Lizardo, Chelsea H. Sevilla, Dianne Kristine F. Fajarillo, and Oliver Shane R. Dumaoal
  5. The Effects of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Stretching on Agility Performance among Volleyball Varsity Players
    Zess Misty C. Ilan, Kim Jewell P. Barrion, Ronilo A. Ebora Jr. ,Juliene Marie G. Zara, Carina Therese L. Magtibay, Marilou A. Contreras and Raymond M. Tosoc

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