THE STETH VOL. 9, 2015

1. Anti-thrombocytopenic activity of Amaranthus spinosus in ethanol-induced rat models exhibiting low platelet count

Authors: Zharina Leih B. Panopio, Catherine G. Dalisay, Jacquilyn R. Landicho, Marinel Joy A. Medrano, Armand Renz T. Orense, Oliver Shane R. Dumaoal and Carina R. Magbojos

2. Facilitating regeneration of tissues using plant-derived stem cells of Cocos nucifera

Authors: Christian Arne C. Toraneo, Jazel C. Baculi, Jeaselle Mariz G. Dolor, Fatima Joanne P. Malabag, Henrich Breena R. Vizco, Irish Diane A. Yap, Oliver Shane R. Dumaoal and Carina R. Magbojos

3. Nephroprotective activity of Solanummelongena (talong) extract against gentamicin-induced renal toxicity in Sprague Dawley rats

Authors: Eunice T. Acuzar, Jhenica Christine M. Arellano, Ron Joseph A. Corachea, Marie Antonette D. Dagli, Gian Luan S. Latorre, Shaira Marie S. Narciso, Reby A. Cabanela, and Oliver Shane R. Dumaoal

4. Photoprotective potential of extract obtained from Allium cepa (red onion) against UVB-induced albino mice

Authors: Lorraine Bernadette M. Dayot, Mark Jefferson M. Castillo, Samita C. Chonkria, Arisa Joyce T. Perez, Kristine Bernadette T. Rosales, Annelie R. Villarin, Oliver Shane R. Dumaoal and Reby A. Cabanela

5. Protective effect of papain from Carica papaya (papaya) extracts to caerulein-induced acute pancreatitis in Sprague Dawley rats

Authors: Renz Marlo A. Grantoza, Kyrrie Aerielle Nadine M. Cantos, Ana Jesusa Q. Canonizado, Mary Joyce C. Barbosa, Rey Vincent De Mesa, Janel Ross V. Landicho, Oliver Shane R. Dumaoal and Reby Cabanela

6. Stressors and Coping Mechanism of Physical Therapy Students of Lyceum of the Philippines University- Batangas

Authors: Annabel M. Nuas, Claudine B. Mercado, Carl Owen S. Matanguihan, Mie-Ann B. Ropero, Oliver Shane R. Dumaoal and Maria Simplicia E. Flores

7. S Aligning the knowledge and technical skills of radiologic technologists in hospitals in Batangas City on proper chest PA positioning

Authors: Nicko Ed L. Elegado, Chelluh Fel M. Andal, Edrik Paul B. Aseron, Dianne G. Balbuena, Uzziell S. De Jesus, Cristine Joy C. Lastimoso and Oliver Shane R. Dumaoal

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