THE STETH VOL. 6, 2012

1. Bacteriological assessment of Calumpang River in Batangas City, Philippines

Authors: Oliver Shane R. Dumaoal, Dr. Carina R. Magbojos, Jeneva D. Villanueva, Abbe Louise M. Paala, Mabelle M. Ringel, Maria Monica R. Samson & Rubylyn C. Villanueva

2. Larvicidal activity of four Philippine plants against Dengue virus vector Aedes aegypti(Linn.)

Authors: Oliver Shane R. Dumaoal, Dr. Carina R. Magbojos, Lee Marvin C. De Villa, Mary Joy A. Abantes, Merlina C. Asi, Noelyn Joy C. Balmeo, Alyssa Monique D. Bustillo, Eunice M. Calangi & Lhuvie Jean R. Cruzado

3. Topical administration of Averrhoa bilimbi Linn. Leaves crude extract prevents UVB-induced oxidative damage in albino mice

Authors: Adelina P. Abarintos, Citadel A. Panganiban, Precious Love A. Agena, Coren Jane P. Albay, Celestine L. Apusen, Mary Rose M. Arago, Janina Camille E. Catapang & Rheinmark Lloyd S. Siapco

4. Angiogenic effect of Talisai (Terminalia catappa L.) crude extract on chorioallantoic membrane of chick embryo

Authors: Oliver Shane R. Dumaoal, Dr. Carina R. Magbojos, Karmelle Louise C. Lontoc, Christine D. Fallaria, Isaiah Joyce L. Flores Dyan P. Gaddi,Ma. Errin A. Magpantay & Rodrigo M. Villacrucis Jr.

5. Antihelminthic activity of Leucaena glauca (Ipil-ipil) seed and leaf extract in an Ascaridae model

Authors: Redencion B. Reyes, Reby A. Cabanela, Jeanne Janiza B. Delgado, Ed G. Lacsamana, Raizel S. Macatangay, Reyshelle Ann B. Marquez,  Charrize Franchesca R. Miranda

6. Blood requisition and utilization in tertiary hospital-based blood bank centers in Batangas, Philippines: A Three-year Review

Authors: Dr. Anacleta P. Valdez, Citadel A. Panganiban, Khareen M. Cadano, Catherine A. Montalbo, Maureen Viel C. Santoyo, Veronica D. Verdadero & Israel E. Vidal

7. Evaluation of inhibitory technique and stretching exercise in reducing musculoskeletal complaints of selected government workers

Authors: Oliver Shane R. Dumaoal, Marilou A. Contreras, Rachelle Vera B. Abante, Jarah Jane R. Dilay, Jonnalynn T. Lizardo

8. Screening of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis among high school students in Tanauan City, Batangas

Authors: Ma. Simplicia E. Flores,  Dr. Carina R. Magbojos, Vassily Dominic M. Catilo, Anna Mariel I. Cuachin, & Nieeveh M. Quilao

9. Patient-focused radiology: the value of patient-centered care model

Authors: Dr. Carina R. Magbojos, Leni Mercado, Romulo M. Coling, Marife G. Aclan, Elpidio M. Sajul Jr. & Airien D. Ilao

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