The STETH Vol. 15, 2021 | Part 1

Activity of Argiope catenulata (Grass Cross Spider) Web Against Selected Microorganisms

: Reygie G. Delica, Zhaina Jeckarose P. Conti, Anderly Gea E. Gayeta, Angelu Viven E. Quan, Angela Marie M. Villena, Oliver Shane R. Dumaoal2 and Dianne Kristine F. Fajarillo

An Assessment of Community Pharmacists’ Preparedness for Acute Medical Emergencies in Batangas City

: Ira B. Garcia, Isabelle A. Dolor, Herlyn E. Inandan, Carol Ann M. Patitico, Aaron Dell A. Cobeng, Tricia Angela H. De Guzman

Antibacterial Property of Chemically Reduced Silver Nanoparticles Against Klebsiella pneumoniae and its synergistic effect in combination with antibiotics

Arielle Jermaine M. Aguila, Joanne M. Masangkay, Myrtle Faith R. De Mesa, Hazel Joy M. De Chavez, Giolina M. Adem, Zhania Mellane O. Taño, Redencion B. Reyes, and Oliver Shane R. Dumaoal

Anticoagulant Activity of Sulphated Polysaccharides Extracted from Sargassum polycystum (Sargassum weed) as an Alternative for Heparin Therapy

Author: Darlyne Luijoyce H. Leonor, Princess B. Bocalan, Nomer John O. Brucal, Shinette Athrea A. Catapang, Therese Veronica V. Javier, Andrei C. Lawas, Oliver Shane R. Dumaoal

Comparative analysis of Gene FinderTM COVID-19 Plus Real Amp kit, TaqpathTM COVID-19 CE-IVD RT-PCR Kit, and GeneXpert Infinity System for SARS-CoV-2 RNA detection

Edward E. Prestoza, RMT, MLS (ASCPi)CM

Different Factors Influencing Self-medication with NSAIDS among Undergraduate students of College of Allied Medical Professions in LPU-Batangas

Kiana Maxine L. Papasin, Raezel Noreen M. Comia, Erica Roseshane R. Manalo, Marjorie M. Maramot, Jenela Marie M. Silang. Aaron Dell Cobeng, and Ms. Tricia Angela H. de Guzman.

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